Free Minecraft Server

Free Minecraft Server

How the Free Minecraft Server Works

free minecraft server

Our free Minecraft servers are fully customizable and you can install and configure your plugins from a wide selection of 60,000 plugins.

Take advantage of our very user-friendly interface that will allow you to easily configure your free Minecraft server. We offer the latest versions of Minecraft as soon as they are released so that your server is always up to date with the latest Minecraft updates. This means your players will always have the best possible gaming experience.

Get a free Minecraft server with your own rules and online configuration in minutes. BoxToPlay plans a unique Minecraft experience for all players. Start your own Minecraft server and invite friends to play with you!

Create your Minecraft server for free right now!

Your Free Minecraft Server

Number of players : Unlimited
CPU : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
NoLag Technology :
RAM memory : Unlimited
Duration : 1 Day
Custom IP address :
Anti DDOS protection :
NVMe Disk :
MySQL database :
Backups :

Our Minecraft panel

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minecraft panel 2 boxtoplay
minecraft panel 3 boxtoplay
minecraft panel 4 boxtoplay

Video presentation of your Free Minecraft Server

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