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The BoxToPlay service

Our team works tirelessly to develop new features and to continuously improve our services. We closely follow technological evolution to offer our users cutting-edge solutions. Our servers are designed to provide exceptional performance, unrivaled stability, and significant scalability.

We regularly update our infrastructure to ensure an increasingly smooth experience tailored to your needs, while keeping costs down.

Joining BoxToPlay means choosing a platform that adapts, innovates, and constantly progresses to deliver the best possible service.

The setup of your servers is essentially instantaneous, except in cases where otherwise specified. We strive to ensure that your server resources are available to you without delay, allowing you to start utilizing them immediately.

Should there be any exceptions, these will be clearly indicated beforehand.

Yes, we offer the opportunity to benefit from a free trial before any payment. This allows you to test our services and ensure that they fully meet your expectations before proceeding with a payment. The details and duration of the free trial are specified on our website.

Yes, we are open to partnerships if the presented project is interesting. We invite you to open a ticket to present your project in detail. This will allow us to evaluate how we might effectively collaborate.

Please do not hesitate to provide us with all relevant information so that we can fully understand your proposal and consider the best partnership options.

Yes, absolutely. If you are a beginner, our panel is specifically designed for you. Despite the fact that managing Minecraft can be complex, our panel simplifies management as much as possible. Moreover, our support team is always available to assist you, whether it be on the forum, on Discord, or by opening a ticket. We are committed to providing personalized assistance to support you at every step.

We offer a billing system based on single payments for a rental period that you choose, rather than a subscription system. When your rental period is nearing its end, we send you reminders by email to invite you to extend your rental.

If you wish to cancel your service, you simply need to stop making payments for your server. No further action is required on your part.

As for invoices, they are available directly from your personal space. You can also download them in PDF format for your own use.

Yes, we offer high availability options. This is a feature included in all our plans. In case of a server crash, it is replaced and the data is migrated from the old server to the new one seamlessly.

In addition, we perform daily backups and keep a history of several days to avoid any data loss. The operation of restoring a backup is accessible with a single click. We are committed to providing a reliable and secure service.

We fully respect privacy and data protection laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and the Privacy Act of 1974 as well as the American Privacy Rights Act in the United States.

We take the privacy and security of our users data very seriously. We do not exchange or sell data to third parties. Our commitment is to ensure that your data is stored and processed securely and in accordance with current laws.

To ensure an optimal level of service and guarantee a quick recovery in case of a technical incident with a dedicated server, we have chosen a high-quality hosting strategy. This decision involves collaborating with external datacenters, selected for their excellence and reliability. Although this approach is more costly, it is part of our commitment to providing our clients with the best solutions in terms of performance, security, and emergency management.

Unlike some market players who may prefer to manage their own infrastructure to save costs, our priority remains the satisfaction and interests of our clients, by offering them premium services, without compromising on quality.

Minecraft Servers

Of course, you can succeed as a beginner in Minecraft server administration! Our panel has been specially designed to be extremely simple to use, even if you have no prior experience. Additionally, we have developed a handy feature that allows you to invite co-administrators. This means you can easily ask someone else to help you set up and manage your server.

Furthermore, if you need additional assistance or advice, our support system is always available to you. You can contact us through our ticket system, participate in discussions on our forum, or join us on our Discord server for real-time help. Everything is set up to make it easy for you and allow you to focus on the fun of playing with your friends.

We do not limit the maximum number of players that can join a server. You have the freedom to configure this number yourself. However, its important to note that each server is unique, depending heavily on the number of mods and plugins installed, among other factors. Therefore, it is not really possible to provide a definitive answer to this question without testing. We recommend conducting live tests to see how your server handles the load in its current configuration.
We do not limit the disk space for Minecraft servers. We use the principle of ‘fair use’. As long as there is space left on the hard drive of the dedicated server, it is available to everyone. However, we encourage you to manage your resources responsibly to ensure an optimal experience for all users.
Each Minecraft server we host is on a dedicated server that is only utilized up to 40% of its maximum capacities. This gives us leeway to manage activity peaks, when many players connect simultaneously. This approach allows us to guarantee an uninterrupted gaming experience for all our players.
Absolutely, you have the ability to upgrade your Minecraft server from the Standard offer to the Titan offer with ease. In other words, you can start with a Standard server and upgrade it to a Titan server later. This process is designed to be simple and worry-free for you.

Absolutely, you can install plugins and mods on your Minecraft server. We provide a completely autonomous installation system for plugins and mods. You will find all available plugins and mods directly in your customer dashboard, eliminating the need to download them from other sites!

Furthermore, if a plugin is not available in our database, you have the option to simply upload it via FTP.

Yes, it is very easy to migrate an existing Minecraft server to our platform. You just need to upload the files of your Minecraft server to the dedicated FTP space. Then, simply click on the start button to launch your server. Its as easy as that !

Yes, you can install a community modpack. We even offer the majority of existing modpacks directly from the customer dashboard, installable with just one click.

However, be cautious as some modpacks are very resource-intensive. In the race for popularity, some creators pack their modpacks with numerous mods and plugins to attract as many users as possible, which can make the server very heavy to operate and may cause significant lag. So, it is important to be mindful.

In this case, you first need to download and install the modpack on your PC. Then, proceed as you would with migrating a server: upload the files via FTP and then click on the start button. Its as simple as that.
We perform daily backups of the entire server and keep a history of several days. Thus, with a single mouse click, the server can be restored. This allows you to quickly recover your server in case of griefing or other problems.
To access the files on your server, you can simply create an FTP account from your customer dashboard and connect to it with an FTP client such as Filezilla. In parallel, we perform daily backups that can not only be restored with one click, but also downloaded to be kept on your computer. Your files belong to you !
In addition to daily backups, your Minecraft server benefits from anti-DDoS protection when it is online. This protection activates automatically, without any need for intervention on your part. It filters legitimate traffic and blocks DDoS attacks. In this way, your Minecraft server becomes a veritable impregnable fortress.

Due to stability considerations, the direct allocation of 32GB of RAM is not possible. Some servers may have memory leaks due to configuration errors or even problems within the plugins or mods used. These leaks can lead to total consumption of the server’s RAM. This use of RAM is considered illegitimate as it results from a bug and can cause instability across the entire dedicated server.

For this reason, we must monitor servers before granting them an increase in memory, in order to maintain the stability of our entire server park. It is also important to note that some servers may experience lags, but the cause of these lags is not necessarily related to RAM. That’s why the intervention of an expert is necessary to assess the relevance of an additional memory allocation. This assessment cannot be automated.

BungeeCord is a proxy that serves as an intermediary between the player and the Minecraft server. It gives players the impression that they are playing on a classic Minecraft server.

When a player connects, BungeeCord redirects them to a Minecraft server. The player can then move between different servers using commands or portals. This transforms a single server into a network of integrated servers.

BungeeCord optimizes performance by distributing players across different servers, which allows for the exploitation of multi-core processors. It also offers the possibility to separate the different game modes of your server, such as survival, PvP/Fac, Hunger Games, etc. The possibilities are endless !

To use BungeeCord, you must have at least one Minecraft server to connect. Ideally, you should have at least two.

Our interface provides simplified assistance to connect your Minecraft servers to your BungeeCord server. Its important to note that BungeeCord cannot be purchased alone, as it is not a Minecraft server itself. Instead, it serves as a gateway between players and Minecraft servers.

We facilitate the integration of your BungeeCord server if you wish to connect it to Minecraft servers hosted by BoxToPlay. However, you also have the option to connect it to Minecraft servers hosted elsewhere.

Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible for you.

VPS Servers

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtual machine that provides dedicated resources such as memory, storage, and processing power on a shared physical server. Each VPS operates independently and can run its own operating system, offering the flexibility and configuration of a dedicated server.

This solution combines the performance and security benefits of a dedicated server while being hosted on a shared infrastructure. It is particularly suited for hosting websites and deploying various applications that require more control and resources.

Renting a VPS is less expensive than renting a dedicated server. You benefit from many features of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost, since the physical server resources are shared among multiple users.

VPS allows efficient management of snapshots, ideal for backups and quick recovery in case of issues. A snapshot can be used to restore your VPS to a previous state almost instantaneously, enabling a hot recovery without significant downtime.

Although sharing a physical server, each VPS is isolated from others. This isolation helps protect your server from security issues affecting other users on the same physical server.

By choosing our VPS offerings, you also benefit from our suite of management tools specifically designed to facilitate the monitoring and management of your server. These tools are intuitive and designed to enable you to manage your server efficiently, even without advanced technical skills.

Yes, it is entirely possible to host multiple services simultaneously on a single VPS. However, it is your responsibility to monitor and ensure that the VPS you choose has sufficient resources to handle all the services you decide to install. It is important to choose a plan that meets your needs in terms of memory, storage, and processing capacity to ensure optimal performance of all your services.

Yes, with your VPS server, you have the ability to make all the customizations you desire, including access and modification of the BIOS, changing DNS settings, configuring reverse IP, and adjusting the settings of your firewall, among others.

This advanced customization capability allows you to fully configure your server to precisely meet your specific needs, whether for specialized applications, enhanced security configurations, or even operating system adjustments. By having complete control up to the BIOS, you can optimize performance and hardware management according to your requirements.

These options allow you to optimally manage your server environment, improving security, performance, and compliance with the specific requirements of your applications or your business. This flexibility and total freedom of customization make the VPS a powerful, adaptable, and truly customized solution for a wide variety of uses.

Indeed, the IP address provided with our VPS is unique and dedicated exclusively to your VPS. You have the freedom to modify the reverse IP if necessary.

We also offer a modifiable subdomain that is directly linked to your IP. If you already own a domain name, it is entirely possible to redirect it to the IP address of your VPS. This allows you to further customize your online presence.

Yes, without a doubt. All VPS are by default equipped with a professional anti-DDoS protection called Arbor. This solution is designed to identify attacks and triggers automatically, without requiring your intervention. Its role is to filter and eliminate illegitimate traffic, only letting legitimate traffic pass.

In addition to this protection, you have the possibility to set up a hardware firewall. According to the rules defined by yourself, this firewall is capable of blocking attacks before they even reach your VPS.

Yes, there are some restrictions on the use of your VPS. It is important to note that any illegal activity is strictly prohibited.

This includes, but is not limited to, outgoing DDOS attacks, port scanning, hosting illegal content, sending spam, and running malicious software.

It is essential to comply with local and international laws when using your VPS.

Indeed, each Windows VPS that we offer is equipped with a global license, installed during the setup of the VPS. This is why the price of Windows VPS is higher than that of Linux VPS.

In fact, the price of the Windows license is already included in the total cost of our Windows VPS plans. Thus, you can fully enjoy the benefits of Windows without having to worry about acquiring a separate license.

Yes, we perform daily backups of your data. These backups are kept for several days.

They are then made available to you and you can, if you wish, perform a restoration with a single click of the mouse. Your VPS will thus be returned to the state it was in at the time of the backup in a completely transparent and automated manner.