VPS server rental

VPS server rental

How VPS works

vps network

On the way between a shared hosting and a dedicated server, a VPS server allows you to combine power and flexibility at affordable and customized rates. You have allocated and dedicated resources as well as total control over your server.

Thanks to KVM technology, our VPS servers are virtualized at the lowest level, offering you optimal performance and increased security. Each server has a customizable hardware firewall and anti-DDoS protection to ensure the continuity of your services even in case of an attack.

Our flexible formulas adapt to your needs and your wallet to allow you to realize all your projects: game server, website, media storage, e-commerce...

With instant delivery and one-click system installation, your vps server is ready in an instant!

Configure your VPS

CPU 1 Core x 4.7 Ghz
DDR4 RAM Memory : 4 Go
NVMe storage : 50 Go
Bandwidth : 100 Mbits
Dedicated IP :
Customizable Dns :
Personnalisable reverse dns :
Anti DDOS protection :
Hardware firewall :
Sound card :
Docker ready :
TPM Module :
Daily backup :

9.99 € Promotion 50 % 4.99

KVM Virtualization Technology

Hardware virtualization

The use of KVM technology allows us to virtualize all the hardware of your VPS server and to dedicate it only to your VPS server. You even have access to the bios!

Insulation and Security

Each VPS server is completely isolated from the others. No one has access to its content, not even BoxToPlay administrators. This is the ultimate in security through isolation!


Our VPS are compatible and optimized for all operating systems. No more kernel errors and blue screens caused by old virtualization technologies!

Our VPS panel

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vps panel 2 boxtoplay
vps panel 3 boxtoplay
vps panel 4 boxtoplay

Receive your VPS server immediately for free

Try for free

We offer you a trial period of 12 hours during which you can use, free of charge, our servers before placing your order. Once the 12 hours finish, your server is set in sleep mode during 48 hours to leave you the time to command them. At the reception of your payment, your server is restored to you.

Immediate delivery

As soon as we receive your payment, your server is immediately delivered to you. All you have to do is install the operating system of your choice!

Services included in all our VPS servers


Add co-administrators to your server to help you in your task !

Team & Support

Are you new to Linux or Windows administration? Our team is at your disposal to answer all your questions. We can intervene on your VPS server to help you configure it. Our forum and our Discord will also allow you to share and exchange with our community.

Grouped payment

Invite your friends to participate in the financing of your VPS server with our multi-user payment system.