BungeeCord Server Hosting

BungeeCord Server Hosting

Detailed BungeeCord features

Number of players : Unlimited
RAM memory : Unlimited
Minecraft server links : Unlimited
Duration : 1 month(s)
Custom IP address :
Anti DDOS protection :
NVMe Disk :
MySQL database :
Backups :

Starting at 2.39 € / per month

How the BungeeCord server works

bungeecord network

BungeeCord is a full-fledged server that allows you to connect multiple Minecraft servers. Your players will be able to teleport from one Minecraft server to another through installed portals or by a simple command.

To function, BungeeCord requires at least one Minecraft server. To fully utilize your BungeeCord server, we recommend having at least two Minecraft servers.

For performance reasons, we advise hosting your Minecraft servers on BoxToPlay. You may nevertheless connect your BungeeCord to servers hosted elsewhere.

Our BungeeCord panel

bungeecord panel 1 boxtoplay
bungeecord panel 2 boxtoplay
bungeecord panel 3 boxtoplay
bungeecord panel 4 boxtoplay

The latest BungeeCord news

Receive your BungeeCord server immediately and without paying

Free Trial

Embark on the Minecraft adventure with us, at no cost! Test our Minecraft servers for free and discover the potential of an unmatched gaming experience. This is the perfect opportunity to dive into the Minecraft universe we offer before making a commitment. Its your move!

Immediate delivery

Your Minecraft server is ready to use in a snap! Dive straight into your Minecraft world without delay, thanks to our instant setup process. Your epic adventure can start right now, without wasting a single second!

Services included in all our BungeeCord servers

Optimization scripts

More than 150 Minecraft scripts are constantly running to ensure the stability of your Minecraft server. You are notified by email of any technical problems your Minecraft server may encounter.


We offer a free MySQL database service, perfect for managing your sites data, your plugins, and your online store. Our MySQL solution is tailored to all your needs, at no cost. Take advantage of this to maximize your Minecraft server capabilities.

NVMe storage & Unlimited memory

In order to provide you with the best possible performance, we have equipped our machines with optimal hardware.

Personalized IP address

You have the possibility to customize the ip of your Minecraft server. Example : crazycraft.boxtoplay.com instead of mc1.boxtoplay.com:25489

Daily backup

Because your data is very important to us, a backup of your Minecraft server is made every day of the week. This is made available to you as a direct download using your web browser via HTTP or via automatic restoration.

CPU / Memory usage

Monitor live the consumption of your Minecraft server (processor and Ram memory) and the use of your FTP.


Add co-administrators to your server to help you in your task!

Team & Support

You are new to Minecraft server administration. Our team is at your disposal to answer all your questions. We can intervene on your Minecraft server to help you configure it. Our forum and our Discord will also allow you to share and exchange with our community.

Grouped payment

Invite your friends to help pay for your BungeeCord server.