Our company

Passionate engineers at your service

What was the trigger ?

BoxToPlay is the response to an observable fact : online hosting servers are too expensive, leased servers are not performant enough, servers Administration is overly simplistic, the offers are too complex and tend to flood the customer.

Our team being passionate about multiplayer games and having the necessary technical skills in IT development, it had become obvious that we have to make something to remedy it.

Why choose BoxToPlay.com ?

There are a multitude of servers hosts who propose very tempting offers at a lower cost. Unfortunately, many use prefabricated solutions especially in the world of Minecraft as Multicraft and embark on the adventure without any skills. It’s very easy to be fooled by amateurs especially as the majority of the time these hosting sites closed a few months later.

BoxToPlay.com has been developed by professionals in the sector. The site was designed by our teams and every line of code is thoroughly studied. The site is constantly evolving to give an answer to all needs. We are always listening to our customers and I can even admit to you that our most "cool" features are in reality requests from our customers that we realized.

By choosing BoxToPlay.com you know that you will always have a panel on the top of technology and continuously updated, reliable servers without any lag, a support team listening to you, in short: the best value for your money.

What plans do you have for the future ?

Our main objective is to expand our product range to propose to our customers the servers for their favorite games. In other words, as soon as a new game will go out and will admit multiplayer, you can be sure to find it rented on BoxToPlay.com.

We also have as an objective to expand us to propose services other than gaming servers.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you anything more as for now about the state of progress but let you know that we currently have more than 50 big news to be integrated on the panel that we have already planned.